Healthy Ways to Change Your Lifestyle and Have Healthy Bones

Smoking pic - Control It Before It Controls You!It is important that if you smoke, you should quit. I know this is not an easy pill to swallow, but necessary. If you can’t just flat out quit smoking – then taper off and reduce the amount of cigarettes you do smoke a day. By the end of the month, you’ll be surprised how much better you feel by just doing that much.

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Also drinking too much alcohol can damage your bones and raise your risk of falling and breaking a bone. I have to admit that I do enjoy my glass (or two) of wine each night before retiring. However, if I indulge in too much I do not feel as well and absolutely do not want to jeopardize the health of my bones and increasing the risk of falling and breaking a bone, such as a hip, later on when I get older.

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Calcium is very important for maintaining healthy bones. If you do not get enough calcium, or if your body does not absorb enough calcium from the foods you eat, your body may not make enough new bone. Vitamin D helps your body absorb enough calcium. You may need more vitamin D during the winter or if you need to avoid sun exposure to prevent skin cancer. It is wise to ask your doctor if you should take a vitamin D supplement and how much sun is safe for you. Calcium-rich foods include milk and dairy products, kale and broccoli, as well as the calcium-enriched citrus juices, mineral water, canned fish with bones, and soy products processed with calcium.

I use and highly recommend taking Zija’s XM+ Energy Mix, which not only aids in heart, bone and breast health but helps reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes and mood swings, I also find I have a more restful sleep while taking it. I know that I am taking safe, organic products which reduce PMS symptoms such as bloating, cramps, water retention, irritability and moodiness – All unpleasant things we women experience every month. You don’t have to be going through menopause to reap the benefits of taking this organic product. The GLA Complex is also used by many women to maintain a sense of well-being throughout their monthly cycle.



Menopause and Physical Fitness

Menopausal women and exercise picAs we get older, the menopausal period in women causes drastic changes to our bodies and it is very important to take the proper supplements in order to counteract the symptoms associated with sleep disturbance, alteration in mood, lowered libido, and musculoskeletal pain. Any of these symptoms could potentially lead to a lower quality of life. Physical fitness may have the ability to alleviate or even eliminate the effect of most of these, for some individuals.older woman exercising pic

Why bother with fitness during menopause? Physical activity during and after menopause offers many benefits such as:

  • Prevents weight gain.
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • Strengthens your bones.
  • Reduces the risk of other diseases.
  • Boosts your mood.

Physical activity isn’t a proven way to reduce menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and sleep disturbances. However, for some women, regular physical activity during and after menopause seems to relieve stress and improve quality of life.


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Author: Beverly Brown

My name is Beverly Brown and I am a Zija International Distributor. I love how moringa oleifera has changed my life in just a few months. I love my horses and my dog, Bandit. I am a naturalist not only for me but my animals. My mission is to introduce and help educate people to make better choices using organic products to control their health issues instead of toxic prescription drugs and preserving our climate.

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