How To Protect Yourself From An Uncontrolled Ebola Outbreak.

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“The worst Ebola outbreak in history is spreading throughout the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, infecting more than 1,200 and killing more than 600 since early this year.

The virus, which has also infected two American aid workers and killed the top Ebola doctor in Sierra Leone, is extremely contagious, and can be passed from person to person via bodily fluids (such as blood, sweat and urine), as well as contaminated objects. It’s marked by flu-like symptoms, as well as bleeding from the eyes, ears, mouth, nose and rectum.

The virus is known to kill up to 90 percent of people who are infected by it, though the fatality rate for this current outbreak is 60 percent, NBC News reported.”

Now that Ebola has been confirmed here in the United States, it’s clear that it is spreading far beyond the control of any government or health department.   Just a few weeks ago, President Obama promised Ebola wouldn’t arrive in the United States, but now it’s here.  The CDC is promising that they can keep it all under control for this patient discovered to have carried Ebola into Dallas.  But can they also contain the next Ebola patient? How about the one after that? And how does any government contain a viral pandemic that can’t be stopped with bullets and bombs?

In truth, it is critical to protect yourself and learn how to be safe from the increasingly likely possibility of an Ebola outbreak here in the United States.

Boost your immune system function with medicinal herbs and nutrients

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All patients who have survived Ebola so far can credit their immune systems for saving their lives.  Anyone who is not actively taking steps right now to significantly boost their immune function with anti-viral herbs, natural medicines, super foods and nutritional supplements is putting their own life at risk. Stop suppressing your immune system with toxic chemicals and medications.

If Ebola spreads throughout North America, hospitals will be quickly overrun with patients. Most people seeking medical care will be sent home to die. Presently,  an astonishing 82% of infected patients in Africa are being turned away from the hospitals and told to go home.

Do you have basic medical supplies at home to take care of yourself or an infected family member? Do you have isolation supplies to isolate one infected family member from other members of your family?

Understand that medications, junk food and toxic chemicals make you more vulnerable to infections.

Here’s something the mainstream media almost never talks about: medications deplete your body of immune-boosting nutrients, making you even more susceptible to viral infections.

It is a well-known fact that 0ver-medicated, immunosuppressed Americans are more likely to suffer higher fatality if Ebola sweeps across the United States.

The mass medication of Americans has made the USA uniquely vulnerable to an Ebola wipeout. Those Americans who wish to survive Ebola need to work with qualified naturopathic physicians to get off their meds as quickly as possible and transition to a health-enhancing lifestyle that boosts immune function and bolsters your defenses against infections.

Every single person who has so far survived Ebola has been saved by their own immune system. Your immune system can also save your life, too — but only if you support it and stop suppressing it.

This is one of the main reasons I am trying to share the incredible healing properties of Zija’s Moringa Oleifera with everyone to support their immune system against not only Ebola but all the other life threatening diseases we suffer from.  Not only has our food industry failed us with synthetic and non-nutrient foods, but mainly due to the toxic prescriptions being constantly pushed and prescribed, along with all the side effects which are literally killing us.  You do not have to be on that drug for life!  There are much better, safer organic supplements such as SuperMix, which supplies our body with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs on a daily basis.  It is so easy to take and economical considering everything that one little sachet does.

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Author: Beverly Brown

My name is Beverly Brown and I am a Zija International Distributor. I love how moringa oleifera has changed my life in just a few months. I love my horses and my dog, Bandit. I am a naturalist not only for me but my animals. My mission is to introduce and help educate people to make better choices using organic products to control their health issues instead of toxic prescription drugs and preserving our climate.

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